The desk is practically back in action waiting only for the studio computer to run again. Our next step is the placement of all accoustic elements we need and some additional wiring especially in the recording room. Winter is coming in the meantime I suppose, all the while we are restructuring the whole building around us, so that takes time too. Nevertheless we enjoy ourselves doing all this and new music from the block will arrive this year yet.

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For a bigger recording room we sell some space

And our control room will also get bigger.  This includes the inevitable positioning of our listening monitors along the roll axis in hope for a better listening situation (than before). In the main recording room we will lay some wooden laminate on the floor. We will also take some more care in terms of the overall look and feel of the room, maybe we will  even do some painting. All in all the rebuilding will take some weeks if not month so stay tuned until we’ll return (back to recording business – because creating and mixing will never stop).

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P. & J. & P.

New recordings wanted, LFO review in German, artists on the block

Because of our newest gear (remember Oktava and SPL amongst them) we would be really excited about recording new stuff, so contact us for that immediately. Because the only thing that matter to us is the quality of your music you might put budget problems aside and just write us an email. Another thing we want to share is this review by Alessandro on his borderline-fuckup-blog, written in German language. Being more into Hardcore/Punk the author at first felt somehow weird about reviewing electronic music but gave it a try nonetheless. Thank you for that! And because we’re into the HC/Punk thing as well (at least recording-wise) we hope to see more of those bands around in the future.

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CNHN - Shame

New track “Shame”, a little networking, and some gear

During the past days we abused “LFO” as in a field experiment on publishing music. For that we entered some more networks and uploaded our stuff. And we went to but we’re not quite sure if we really like it (or is it just the advertise-heavy look).

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First official release, second to none

We’re happy to announce our first album available via blockstudio’s Bandcamp domain. Titled “LFO” (because in the end it all comes down to low frequency oscillations) it contains Christian’s musical efforts during the last 10 years (or so). Some tracks are stretching back to the days of Deutsch-SüdOst, reflecting a more dark and industrial form of electronic wave. Others bring you ambient sound scapes evolving into psychedelic jams, and you will have those heavy beats contrasted by weird atmospheres and accoustic voices. “LFO” sums up CNHN’s strongest musical expressions until today and could be understood as the beginning of a new era where the best is yet to come.

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Reviews, ongoing recordings, electronic jams

Jacob’s album (see last post) received positive reviews all the way through – for those check Uncanny Valley’s homepage and Mr. Korn’s own. Nearly as well (but remaining totally off-mainstream): Reviews on The Cold View’s “Weeping Winter” you’ll find here, here and there and on their homepage as well. There’s even an interview on a blog called DarkUndergroundMusicZine – I wish all those blogs would have specific names like that (which they actually do). So far for the past …

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 Preliminary anouncements, business as usual

I just call to say that there is really nothing more to do than to announce quite a lot of new songs to be uploaded by the end of this month. Among those there are some recordings we did with bands we know you don’t know but are still super good. Some tracks we did ourselves (okay, Christian did). So because I’m lazy you’ll get more information next time. Ah, I forgot, we added a small price list to our Services page.

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Tracks uploaded, mastering for ortloff, mixing BIL002

More than once we promised to show some work we’ve done in the studio and here it is (on the right side of our site or directly at SoundCloud). Among the chosen tracks you’ll find some electronic moody wave industrial ambient made by Christian himself (highly recommended as a soundtrack for video and video games). You’ll also have some sessions where we recorded the musicians alltogether, mixed just a little, and put it together for private listening.

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Studio finished, drums on the roll, UV006 in the making and “Gregula” out

It took us roughly a year to build up the studio, so we’re really happy to have it up and running now. And here we go … Having checked most of the relevant signal paths we started fiddling on our recording setup. Although quite pleased with the test results, especially concerning guitar tones, we’re still in search for a punchy drum sound beyond the natural, uncoloured flavours which we reproduced with lesser effort already. Get in contact with us if you’re interested in our work!

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Hello everybody, blockstudio is coming! And so is Jacob Korn’s “She” …

Our very own music studio gets finished probably till the end of this month. A dream comes true, I can tell you . Right now, Christian does the cabling on studio equippment like the SSL X-Desk, the D.A.V. BG No. 8 pre, the Toft Audio ATC-2, to name but a few. From thereon we go straight into recording our first sessions, most likely with The Gash – these guys use one of our rehearsal rooms as well, and they rock like hell (no, it’s not a cliché).

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