LFO review

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New recordings wanted, LFO review in German, artists on the block

Because of our newest gear (remember Oktava and SPL amongst them) we would be really excited about recording new stuff, so contact us for that immediately. Because the only thing that matter to us is the quality of your music you might put budget problems aside and just write us an email. Another thing we want to share is this review by Alessandro on his borderline-fuckup-blog, written in German language. Being more into Hardcore/Punk the author at first felt somehow weird about reviewing electronic music but gave it a try nonetheless. Thank you for that! And because we’re into the HC/Punk thing as well (at least recording-wise) we hope to see more of those bands around in the future.

As some people might have noticed the blockstudio rent out rooms to other musicians and we will present some of these guys on our website during the next weeks. We’re now beyond simply renting out things. We want the blockstudio to be more like a community of professionals rather than a group of strangers working door to door. More to come …