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Reviews, ongoing recordings, electronic jams

Jacob’s album (see last post) received positive reviews all the way through – for those check Uncanny Valley’s homepage and Mr. Korn’s own. Nearly as well (but remaining totally off-mainstream): Reviews on The Cold View’s “Weeping Winter” you’ll find here, here and there and on their homepage as well. There’s even an interview on a blog called DarkUndergroundMusicZine – I wish all those blogs would have specific names like that (which they actually do). So far for the past …

In the present we struggle on with our recording setup, trying out all possible vintage microphones to add some flavour to drums and guitars. To be honest, the Telefunken and Grundig we use are the cheapest of their kind; but maybe they are what it takes for a typical (and true) The Gash sound? Further blockstudio-plans include electronic jams with some friends who don’t even know about these plans yet. That’s because we spend so much time on renting out some rooms here instead of making music. But we’d like to change that immediately. Let’s get in touch soon!