Here we go

Studio finished, drums on the roll, UV006 in the making and “Gregula” out

It took us roughly a year to build up the studio, so we’re really happy to have it up and running now. And here we go … Having checked most of the relevant signal paths we started fiddling on our recording setup. Although quite pleased with the test results, especially concerning guitar tones, we’re still in search for a punchy drum sound beyond the natural, uncoloured flavours which we reproduced with lesser effort already. Get in contact with us if you’re interested in our work!

In progress: While Johannes is mastering the next Uncanny Valley release (UV006), an artist-EP from C-Beams, Christian finished his track “Gregula” for The Seven Deadly Sins Compilation. The latter is an ambitious netlabel project in the misty realms of neofolk/industrial, but fear not, besides some nasty symbolics and baller tabu breaking contents there is nothing political to it (and that’s maybe the problem). We’ll link the track and the new sampler when they’re up.