Hello everybody, blockstudio is coming! And so is Jacob Korn’s “She” …

Our very own music studio gets finished probably till the end of this month. A dream comes true, I can tell you . Right now, Christian does the cabling on studio equippment like the SSL X-Desk, the D.A.V. BG No. 8 pre, the Toft Audio ATC-2, to name but a few. From thereon we go straight into recording our first sessions, most likely with The Gash – these guys use one of our rehearsal rooms as well, and they rock like hell (no, it’s not a cliché).

What we did up to this moment of truth you’ll find out by checking our references and the stuff on SoundCloud. The latest thing happend to be some advising on the mix of Jacob Korn’s “She” EP (Groove DJ-Charts #2 next month) on Uncanny Valley, Dresden. Of course, all forthcoming projects will be mentioned on the news right here. When the studio itself will be actually in use, we’ll spread the word and get back on this page with some tracks to listen to.