New tracks uploaded, Demo-CD released

First things first: June/July will be a busy time for us, so if you’d like us to record/produce/mix your stuff any time soon, you better hurry. Second (but winner of all hearts): Back in February, when the winter revealed his true face yet again, the brave Squiggles recorded 10 tracks in two days. It was all live in one room, all amps turned to the wall, drums surrounded by some dash panels – still loud as hell. Surprisingly the seperation of all these instruments went really well, so no problems during mix sessions later. We tried analog mixing with the band listening to it right away, that partially worked out but sometimes it did not. So we ended up mixing stems in the box, then summing those on the X-Desk with some dbx, Toft and Prime compression to it.

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As there is nothing in particular to announce before holidays

Any sexual implications here? And this is just a catalogue cover from Primo Microphones around 1980. Got this from Preservation Sound, a marvelous blog. Wish I could make a record over there at Gold Coast Recorders, that’s the guy’s studio. But I’ll stay here in Berlin watching Christian produce The Gash’s next demo album instead. And helping them out of course, using a bunch of classic dynamics (M88 TG, M201N, N/D868, GDM 316, e 840, MD 421, MD 441, 565 SD, SM57). Though probably not as sexy as Primo’s these are the ones I’d really liked to have.

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Record Store Day in Berlin, Probezeit in the studio

Mastering and mixing electronic music used to be our main business so far, that said we’re more than happy to start with serious recordings now. Probezeit is the name, punk emo rock the game, we’ll upload their songs as soon as the mix is done. And maybe we’ll even get some video footage ready, at least we saw a camera around during session. All in all we had a very good time – thank you guys! Man, I love those Gretsch bass drums.

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