The Squiggles finally arrived

New tracks uploaded, Demo-CD released

First things first: June/July will be a busy time for us, so if you’d like us to record/produce/mix your stuff any time soon, you better hurry. Second (but winner of all hearts): Back in February, when the winter revealed his true face yet again, the brave Squiggles recorded 10 tracks in two days. It was all live in one room, all amps turned to the wall, drums surrounded by some dash panels – still loud as hell. Surprisingly the seperation of all these instruments went really well, so no problems during mix sessions later. We tried analog mixing with the band listening to it right away, that partially worked out but sometimes it did not. So we ended up mixing stems in the box, then summing those on the X-Desk with some dbx, Toft and Prime compression to it.

The mastering was done by Squiggles’ mastermind Hans himself on an old VHS recorder and whatnot. I tip my hat to that. Now the band is planning to tour a little and release some tracks from the stack. We really like to thank Hannes, Hans, Freddy and Sebi for an entertaining session. We uploaded two tracks on SoundCloud, they uploaded even more on, ehm, SoundCloud as well. So have a listen! We uploaded even more music where blockstudio’s own Christian H. produced a new version of his song called “Blur”where a dear friend played guitar and stuff. Stems mixed analog of course. Enjoy …