Last words (this year)

As there is nothing in particular to announce before holidays

Any sexual implications here? And this is just a catalogue cover from Primo Microphones around 1980. Got this from Preservation Sound, a marvelous blog. Wish I could make a record over there at Gold Coast Recorders, that’s the guy’s studio. But I’ll stay here in Berlin watching Christian produce The Gash’s next demo album instead. And helping them out of course, using a bunch of classic dynamics (M88 TG, M201N, N/D868, GDM 316, e 840, MD 421, MD 441, 565 SD, SM57). Though probably not as sexy as Primo’s these are the ones I’d really liked to have.

Some hidden message for the fans: Calling the e 840 a “classic” is quite bold. But nobody noticed it anyway. And besides – we use it on toms and it’s sounding as convenient as the “classics” do. The only one left (for me) would be the RE-20, but it’s not cheap …