No-nonsense recordings

Record Store Day in Berlin, Probezeit in the studio

Mastering and mixing electronic music used to be our main business so far, that said we’re more than happy to start with serious recordings now. Probezeit is the name, punk emo rock the game, we’ll upload their songs as soon as the mix is done. And maybe we’ll even get some video footage ready, at least we saw a camera around during session. All in all we had a very good time – thank you guys! Man, I love those Gretsch bass drums.

Back to the beat – blockstudio did the mastering for the UV Ltd 01, a limited edition vinyl release for the Record Store Day taking place not only in Berlin (kind of a London export, I heard). At least the B-side explores some new musical facets for Uncanny Valley. Nevertheless it kicks ass all over, the A-side’s first track “Intergalactic Traveller” definitely is a hit.