Record Store Day in Berlin, Probezeit in the studio

Mastering and mixing electronic music used to be our main business so far, that said we’re more than happy to start with serious recordings now. Probezeit is the name, punk emo rock the game, we’ll upload their songs as soon as the mix is done. And maybe we’ll even get some video footage ready, at least we saw a camera around during session. All in all we had a very good time – thank you guys! Man, I love those Gretsch bass drums.

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Mixing with Max K. (not in the picture), mastering for Cuthead

Lately we had the opportunity to use our new gear for mixing purposes. House/Techno/Ambient inspired work by Max K. found its way on the desk and passed some analog processing and summing back into the DAW. This might be the first release for a new and fresh Label from Berlin called “Brothers In Love”, an EP named “Exceeding My Own Incompetence”. And that was the kind of work I really like to do, mixing great tracks I mean. We’ll have you informed, when the music’s up and out (although on vinyl only).

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Studio finished, drums on the roll, UV006 in the making and “Gregula” out

It took us roughly a year to build up the studio, so we’re really happy to have it up and running now. And here we go … Having checked most of the relevant signal paths we started fiddling on our recording setup. Although quite pleased with the test results, especially concerning guitar tones, we’re still in search for a punchy drum sound beyond the natural, uncoloured flavours which we reproduced with lesser effort already. Get in contact with us if you’re interested in our work!

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