Kosheen on stage

Cover version of Kosheen’s “Pride”, unofficial remix of Gotye’s “Somebody”

We uploaded two more tracks under the CNHN-imprint which are somehow special. So we have a stomping, guitar- and breaks-heavy version of Kosheen’s song “Pride” which used to be widely known more than a decade ago (the original that is). The new basic track had a life of it’s own before turning into cover version – it just sounded alike in the end and so the vocal lines were consequently put on top.

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P. & J. & P.

New recordings wanted, LFO review in German, artists on the block

Because of our newest gear (remember Oktava and SPL amongst them) we would be really excited about recording new stuff, so contact us for that immediately. Because the only thing that matter to us is the quality of your music you might put budget problems aside and just write us an email. Another thing we want to share is this review by Alessandro on his borderline-fuckup-blog, written in German language. Being more into Hardcore/Punk the author at first felt somehow weird about reviewing electronic music but gave it a try nonetheless. Thank you for that! And because we’re into the HC/Punk thing as well (at least recording-wise) we hope to see more of those bands around in the future.

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CNHN - Shame

New track “Shame”, a little networking, and some gear

During the past days we abused “LFO” as in a field experiment on publishing music. For that we entered some more networks and uploaded our stuff. And we went to but we’re not quite sure if we really like it (or is it just the advertise-heavy look).

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First official release, second to none

We’re happy to announce our first album available via blockstudio’s Bandcamp domain. Titled “LFO” (because in the end it all comes down to low frequency oscillations) it contains Christian’s musical efforts during the last 10 years (or so). Some tracks are stretching back to the days of Deutsch-SüdOst, reflecting a more dark and industrial form of electronic wave. Others bring you ambient sound scapes evolving into psychedelic jams, and you will have those heavy beats contrasted by weird atmospheres and accoustic voices. “LFO” sums up CNHN’s strongest musical expressions until today and could be understood as the beginning of a new era where the best is yet to come.

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