Der Krieg würde nicht müde werden, sich als Friede zu verkleiden.

War never tires of disguising itself as peace.

On a quote by Stephan Hermlin: Some 25 years ago it was a commonplace that war on a global scale would be a realistic thread to everybody everywhere. Curiously the more concrete and immediate certain events evoke bloody scenes – like terror and regional conflicts – the mistier and further away the real thing would seem. But our problems aren’t terror and minor battlefields for they are only distractions from a consciousness, an awareness for the man next door, your very neighbor. Will he go to battle or will he refuse?

Let’s focus on what we want in life, let’s find out which parts of our society are working against that concept, further distracting us. If this concept is to live in peace then I’ll blame parliament sanctioned warfare economy and the military as well as nationalistic sentiments and enemy stereotypes for undermining it. I don’t want bombs to fall on any city anywhere. So does my fear for that gives me space and time enough to condemn strangers from the outside of my experience for feeling the same and act accordingly? Only if I lose that focus and therein forget about the possible manifestation of war against myself. If I don’t act human nobody else will.

And yes, minor conflicts became major ones and bombs had been fallen on cities already. So remember!