New songs released

Leaving the north from time to time Stralsund-based singer-songwriter Georg Laass was visiting our studio for some days during the last four years. Whenever he showed up we recorded a new song or another version of older attempts. By late 2014 we had assembled four tracks for today’s release “Songs from an open field” (EP) which is now available via Bandcamp as usual. The willing listener will find a rock band sound as well as accoustic folk on this EP and it might be a hint of things yet to come (another more band like approach for instance). The artwork was created by Georg himself with a little support from his brother Johannes who also mixed and mastered these songs.

Other news including more reviews on The Cold View’s “Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste” album by Vendetta and Metaltalk as well as D-SO’s remix of “Units” by Jogging House again available via Bandcamp. All the while we compose and record new material for ourselves (Christian and Johannes) so beware!