Moving up

Blockdammweg 60-64, 10318 Berlin is the area where we are located for more than 6 years now. That era will come to an end in April when all buildings will be prepared for the final teardown. Which means we have to move. It seems that we found just the right place already and everybody who want’s to join us and rent working space over there please don’t hesitate to contact us even though we are rented out at the moment. Everybody else who knows an even better place but cannot afford it because it’s too big please contact us as well just for backup. We wil have multiple ads up and running so check them out for further information. Back to the music (right below)!

Over the last years we tried to perfect the sound of our recordings and the mixing process afterwards but never quite reached the top (and never will rest to go further anyway). So we took some material of our own as well as from our dear friend and producer Dead Zeppelins. While elaborating different workflows synchronizing various sources such as synthesizers, software and acoustic instruments some of the music now released on SoundCloud was created. As in closing the final chapter but also as in starting all over again. So after settling down the studio in a new place there will be more music from the block rest assured.