Mastering and more

This awesome video teasers a future album release by Apollo Static called “Flowers of Despair” (so this will be the title track then) via his label Ketzerpop¬†from Leipzig / Germany. You can preorder the album via the artist’s homepage. We mastered the video edit version using plug-ins from independent developers like Klanghelm, TDR, Fielding DSP and Sknote. There is really no reason to go for dongle-secured big package software which used to dominate the professional market for so long. We even consider to leave Cubase behind and go Reaper because it’s so streamlined and fast.

Something else but not completely: Our dear friend Jacob Korn was featured in the tech talk category by media mag Slices. He became quite fond of modding audio hardware as you could see in the corresponding video or on his website: