In the mix

Last week we finished the mix of another album. This one is called “Into” (Noorden) by Frankfurt-based artist Jogging House and you could get it on tape and iTunes as of Thursday, March the 20th, this year. It’s electronic and rather mellow so maybe we’ll have a remix by Christian to make up for this (and get it on the dance floor). Mixing was done in analogue summing fashion trying out 88200 kHz via Apogee’s Rosetta 200 to get it back in the box. Looking forward to the public’s response (like this and like that).

More mixes are in the pipeline including a new album from The Cold View and a demo for SonicRunes. At the same time our studio spaces are ready again, most rebuildings are already done, so the next step will be literally fine tuning. Let’s record again! Sidenote: Google Plus is getting interesting so check out our blog over there, we’ll be leaking some news time and time again.