Back in 2010

Maybe our earliest approach on serious music production whatsoever – my colaboration with beat mate Oliver Wicke and lovely voice Viola Manigk. The fundamental elements (samples, guitars and synths) came together already 10 years ago and were complemented time after time by additional recordings namely drums, strings and keys. And of course – the voice – being the point where it all started to make sense. Also Oliver created fine video clips for some of the songs (see track information). Because we never knew how to take up the thread again we decided to just put it on Bandcamp in the realm of the blockstudio. So here you have it, please enjoy!

As a side note: We updated our studio computer which now runs an Intel Core i7-4770 CPU with OCZ Vector 150 SSD and 16GB-Kit Corsair ValueSelect RAM. In brief that means more horsepower than we could possibly use. It means low latency recording even with higher sample rates and real time quality plug-ins. It means faster editing nearly independent from track count and project size. It means that we might even switch to another DAW just because Cubase 5 isn’t up to the task anymore.

Edit: We switched to Cubase Pro 8.5 recently which is up to the task though it’s still not as stable as older versions. And the overall approach is pretty conservative if you look at contenders like Ableton or even Presonus.