Auenland Festival

On stage with psychedelic rock, Natural Born Grinders, The Gash and Shrike

Back in town from the Auenland Festival in Empfertshausen/Turingia where we did some live sessions (see the video above) while managing the PA-setup for the show. Which consisted mainly of two drum microphones (kick, snare), and one for percussions, and a vocal microphone amped via a single active stage box and two passive monitors linked to it. Not to forget the trusty Behringer Eurorack desk inbetween. Guitar and bass amps on their own.

Next day was band day so we’d like to thank the following artists on stage for the pleasure to ride with us: The fast but Natural Born Grinders, the incredible Shrike, The Gash and their countless punk rock spin-offs. Here’s another video covering parts of those gigs (mostly NBG and Shrike). Best regards to all the people from the Schnitzschule Empfertshausen who actually organized all food, electricity, helping hands, fires and artwork out there!