Like a roller coaster


It’s been a while but here we go again. The last mixing job we did was Achterbahn D’Amour’s first full length album “Odd Movements” released on Absurd Recordings. The Achterbahn features Edit Piafra as well as Sweat Lodge artist Iron Curtis. Meaning analog machines got analog mixing and the rest is Acid (House). So please check it out. More mixing is about to take place during the next few weeks and naturally we’ll keep you informed on that matter.

Winter is coming. That’s a possible delay for our ongoing reconstruction work in the studio. But we’re confident to get ready for new recordings anytime soon (as of March). I wish I could say more but the thing is it all takes its time. No need to rush really. The most important thing is music and music is what we care for all the time, to be released or not.